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Bhutan Peaceful Tours & Treks (Licence no.1017097) is a private tour company. The company has always been able to handle the complexities and unpredictable demands of the business with relative ease and efficiency and has successfully satisfied clients from all over the world who are now friends.
We take immense pride in being able to provide introductions -observatory or interactive- into various aspects of Bhutan and Bhutanese life, be they religion, music, art, architecture, or nature. What is more, we readily customize cultural tour, trekking, rafting, bicycle tours, and bird watching as separate or integrated packages.

Our commitment to lend due attention to the personal wishes of our guests ensures that quality overrides quality. Which is why we deliberately choose to stay a small company that prefers to manage small groups.

Wanting to not merely visit but experience Bhutan is more reason to choose Bhutan Peaceful Tours & Treks.

We offer a varieties of tour packages. Most of our guests go for cultural and trekking tours. Please note that the tours are flexible to suit your demands. More trekking and various culture tours are available. Please feel free to suggest/request for your interests.

BPTT, provides you a Cultural tours that are programmed perfectly to give you a lively holiday. Any one can take part, taking from families, friends, honeymooners and even students can gracefully join the tours. The moment you join BPTT, would be the most scintillating moment. We provide you our best guides, accommodation and luxury transportation that we have in the country.

Besides, tourism, we have various activities that ranges from bird watching, fishing, rafting, mountain biking, botanical tours and so on. Please give the feedback about these programs. Bhutan is no doubt, a trekker’s paradise, located in the heart of the Himalayas the trekking route range from the beautiful scenic environment to the most rigorous trail along the foothills of the Himalayan peaks.

The high and the low altitudes treks are designed in such a way to suit the different gradient that one has to go and to enable in-depth views of the high altitude are most challenging and adventurous. The highest peaks in the Himalayas form a border between Bhutan and the beginning of the “Roof of the World” Tibet. Some of these peaks are always covered by snow line and the treks to these regions are accessible only in certain times of the year, mainly September to November. These long left trails are clean, pristine and unspoilt and most exhilarating to treks.

Trekking in the low altitude is comparatively easier, than in the higher altitude. Trekking in low region leads through evergreen forest populated by various species of plants and animals, which makes the treks most glorious. 

The treks give an opportunity to visit the villages, farm and other religious monuments and the true way of living centered with their culture and tradition of Bhutanese people. These treks are accessible through out the year and are a great delight to those who appreciate the finer sides of nature.

Please contact us for further information at email : peaceful@druknet.bt 


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